Due to our extensive experience in the IT sector, we are able to offer a broad scope of services tailored for Large Businesses & Global Enterprise Management. Our solutions are designed to be end to end giving you peace of mind knowing that your projects are being handled by the best in the business.



- Enterprise Security Architecture
- Security Strategies Threat Handling
- Enterprise Cloud Systems
- Enterprise ICT Troubleshooting
- Project Management
- Architectures and Designs
- Strategy Consulting 
- Vendor Negotiations
- Compliance and Regulatory
- Implementation and Governance
- Capacity Planning
- Performance Management
- Outsourcing and Service Delivery



B&M Computers International are Cloud Computing and Enterprise Security experts in planning and implementing public, private and hybrid clouds and specifically IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions. We deal with Cloud architectures from AWS, Azure, IBM, Rackspace, HP, Dell/VCE/EMC/Cisco/VMware. Our customers have included Sydney Universities, Overseas Governments in China and India and Large Indian Private Enterprises.

B&M Computers  founded the Security Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Australian Computer Society. Our security management experience covers the following;

1.       Security Policy Formation and Definition

2.       Security Controls such as Zones and security domains -                     Network/End point/Computing Infrastructure security services.           Uniform Access Controls; Juniper Mag 6611

3.       Juniper, Checkpoint, Cisco, F5 Firewalls Design and                           Implementation

4.       Antivirus Planning and Installation Monitoring

5.       Security Forensics such as in Firewall rules and Access Lists,           IDPs and Policy Setting

6.       Security Perspective setting such as in network devices and               systems inluding Multifactor authentication

7.       Security standard and best practices Viz. NIST SANS ISO                 27001 ITIL BS 25999

8.       Penetration tests and VA Scan Analysis  remediation                         including compliance & security audits

          We are experts in  used HP ArcSight ESM (Enterprise                       Security manager) and ETM (Enterprise Threat manager) at               CBA Westpac and ANZ for SIEM Report production and                     presentation to Stakeholders. We are quite proficient in the               architecture of ArcSight: Configuration, Tailoring and Use                   including Real Time