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Krishan Anand

Chief Executive Officer

CEO, Dr Krishan Anand  is a world renowned ICT expert who has led large teams in Projects, Implementations and in Governance. He believes in excellence as its own reward and in 7x24x365 customer service.

He is an expert in planning and provisioning IaaS PaaS and SaaS while ensuring they are secure. His focus is on vBlock VCE architectures as used in Datacenters

Dr Anand deals with large computer networks composed of thousands of routers, switches, appliances and servers interlinked over the Web. Mobile commerce and interaction of mobile phones with large complex networks is his special expertise.

As an IT Titan, Dr Anand's knowledge spans cloud, networks, security, servers and applications. For several decades he has been an adviser to Multinational including banks in Australia, SE Asia, USA and Europe. He is widely traveled and has presented to CEO’s and CIO’s of Enterprises around the world.

Special expertise includes Firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, SSL/VPN Systems and Appliances.

A topical favourite of his is Cyberspace Futures and the shape of the emerging online world. He likes to tackle most complicated enterprise problems and issues as a necessary task in his daily life.


“We are an agile growing consultancy. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Dr Krishan Anand, Chief Executive Officer